Compensation for Victims of Accutane

Attorneys are currently representing Accutane victims in claims against the manufacturer. Many of these claims are resolved by a monetary settlement with the Accutane manufacturer, while others have been taken to court trials to receive payment. Those plaintiffs who bring successful claims can seek several forms of compensation and other remedies from the legal system. This compensation can include medical bills, pain and suffering, payment for future complications and side effects, and legal expenses. If you have taken the drug Accutane and are seeking compensation, an experienced Accutane lawyer is essential in getting you payment for the following:

Medical Bills

All medical expenses that are reasonably related to the damage caused by the Accutane use are the responsibility of whoever was negligent. Additionally, compensation for future medical bills that may occur can be reimbursed before they occur.

Pain and Suffering

Certain litigation aspects of the law allow Accutane sufferers to get monetary awards for pain and suffering, both their own and even that of loved ones or children. Plaintiffs in Accutane lawsuits have been paid for the pain and suffering from Accutane side effects, as well as uncertainty and stress about their potential future health problems. This includes past emotional distress as well as future.

Punitive Damages

In rare cases, willful negligence or recklessness will result in the court levying a monetary punishment on behalf of the plaintiff. In cases where bad faith is found, these fines can be tripled. Many Accutane cases have been settled to avoid a finding of bad faith by drug manufacturers.

Although Accutane has been discontinued, its damages continue to persist in ex-users. Many are turning to the courts for help and are finding remedies and financial compensation. Those who have used Accutane should consult a qualified Accutane attorney immediately.

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